March 24, 2005

When it was a Game - played poorly by old men

This - for those of you not as well-versed in the recent history of the game as those honorable scribes enshrined in Cooperstown - is a picture of the 2003 Leatherstocking League Champion Oneonta Cardinals. I don't have a particular reason for posting the picture, other than to remind myself - and our faithful readers - of those nights spent kicking balls around in the dirt, breaking wooden bats on dugout posts and, maybe the greatest reason of all for playing, the times we sat after games on the cement stoop of the Edmeston pizza shop and drank beer in the rain and watched Edmeston go by, real slow. These are good things to remember when you've spent the better part of a slow evening at work reading angry columns about Barry Bonds, and a local story about the nearly incomprehensible complaints of former New York and future Binghamton Met Jeff Duncan, distressed at the "new direction" being taken by the Met front office - a direction not likely to result in Jeff Duncan starting in the place of Fantasy Top-Fiver Carlos Beltran.

Notice the gray hair on three or four of the team's members. The team's 2004 batting champ was 53 years old. He works for the DEC, counting fish on the reservoirs all summer with his dog. He likes the "direction" the Mets are taking.

And so do I. In fact, that direction led to a victory for the Fake Mets today in what was the season opener of the 2005 MVP Baseball Xbox season here at the House on Wild Turkey Knob. Credit Mike Cameron with the game-winning HR in the top of the 10th as the Mets defeated the Reds at the GAB, 5-4. The winning pitcher was Mike DeJean, with a Benitezesque save from Braden Looper, 4 hits from Kaz Matsui and 6 innings of solid work - 3 ER, 1K - from Pedro. I had to take the wedding ring off in the 8th, with runners on the corners and 0 outs. Always a sign of a tense competition.

And that's all for tonight. Welcome Tim Lynch to the Hill, as well. By welcome I mean, "hey James, Tim will be posting, too."

Good night.


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