April 04, 2005

Where have you gone, Jesse Orosco?

So I watched a little of the Yanks-Sox game last night and just read up on the Mets-Reds game here at work. I now realize two things:

(1) The Hula Hula Boys will be finishing dead-last this year
(2) I'm probably going to be finished with baseball in about two weeks.

Best of luck everyone!!!

And on a more positive note, I'm almost done with reading "Cup of Coffee" by Rob Trucks. It's a series of interviews with pitchers who only had real brief careers in the majors. It gets a little repetitive, but, overall, it's a pretty damn good book with a lot of interesting stories. Some guys seem a little bitter, some are grateful that they got the little time they did. Anyway, check it out.

In a few weeks, I'll probably be getting around to reading Mike Lupica's "Summer of 98," which I expect will be a hoot given the current goings-on.


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